Thursday, October 25, 2007

Product review by Baby Let's Shop!

Baby Let's Shop is a fantastic blog written by "The Mommy", a SAHM who describes herself as an online shopping addict who loves finding deals. All the reviews on Baby Let's Shop are written about products that her family has tested out first hand. They pride themselves on being able to give honest opinions to other parents who are concerned how a certain product will hold up in their everyday life with kids.
Here is her review of Oliver's Labels:

Time To Get Labeling

Oliver's Labels is a Canadian company whose products are great for kids who lose everything, like most kids do haha. Their products include original labels, mini labels, shoe labels, iron-on labels, bag tags, allergy labels and Jewish labels. We use Oliver's Labels on all of The Boy’s school stuff and other important items that leave the house, we even labeled the inside of his shoes (just to be safe). They are well made and come in a variety of colors and designs. We have never had a problem with the labels peeling off even with the ones in his shoes, which receive constant friction. These durable little labels can be put anywhere you can imagine and last longer than you need them too. They are also dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer safe. They also withstand outdoor elements if you need to put them on objects that stay outside of the home. The thing we love best about Oliver's Labels is their Found-it Tracking System™. Every label has a code specially for your child, when someone finds your lost item all they need to do is enter the code online and you will be emailed to notify you that someone has found your child’s item and then help you get the item back.
Oliver's Labels ship to Canada, US and International, you can purchase them through their website.

posted by THE MOMMY
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