Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oliver's Labels are Now Even Better!

How have we improved our already fantastic labels?

Our material: We switched to vinyl and guarantee the image won't rub off because of our new top-secret process!
Our equipment: Our new machines are Eco-friendly!
Our printing: The colors are beautifully glossy and even more vibrant than before!

And, just like before…

They’re durable: Our sticky labels can go from the fridge to the microwave to the dishwasher. You can stick them on anything and it comes back home again!
They’re beautiful: We print in full-color to offer you rich graphics! There’s also a great variety of designs so there’s something for everyone!
They’re smart: Our exclusive Found-it Tracking System™ is an online lost-and-found that enables you to be notified if someone reports your missing item… without sharing any personal information on the label!

Incredibly, after years of researching we found a way to improve on our already amazing labels. There's no reason not to start shopping! Also, remember that our labels are a fantastic gift for the holidays - check out our stunning gift bag and free gift card.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gift Bag Price Lowered

We just lowered the price of our beautiful gift bag today!
It was $5.99 when we first introduced it and now it is $4.99.
If you're giving an Oliver's Labels gift in person, this gift bag is an absolute MUST! Click here to check it out!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Product Review by Canadian Babies!

Canadian Babies is a fantastic online resource and networking community for new and expecting parents in Canada. It was started by Sara Bingham when she became a new parent and found that her and her neighbors needed a better resource to find the best things in their area. The site has grown since then to include groups, forums and guides. Oliver's Labels was featured in a great section called Product Showcase. Here is what they said about us:

Oliver's Labels

Created by Oliver's aunt Debbie, Oliver's Labels are personalized, colourful and durable labels and tags. Debbie's story...""It all began with a small idea to help Oliver, my nephew, from losing his stuff. After seeing the overwhelming positive reaction from his teachers and other parents, I realized there was a huge demand for good name labels. I used my years of experience in the printing industry to develop a high-quality label that was both durable and beautiful. The business was born and now our full-colour designs and exclusive Found-it Tracking System™ are a few of the things that set Oliver's Labels apart from the competition."

Their Large Bag Tag is especially great for school bags because if your child loses their bag, it will find it's way home, thanks to Oliver's exclusive Found-it Tracking System - an online lost-and-found service. So cool and a great idea! Must have been a mom who thought of it.

Click here to read this review directly on Canadian Babies.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

New gift bag available on!

Oliver's Labels are really the perfect gift - they are easy to buy and both kids and parents love them! Most of all, you are seen as so thoughtful for getting something personalized. We know how much you love gifting Oliver's Labels because you order the free gift card... now you can order a gorgeous gift bag too!

This bag is tailored for any Oliver's Labels product and makes it stand out as a high-end, elegant present. The vibrant purple tissue paper is included. You can also get pink or red tissue - just email me to make a special request.

Be sure to consider our new gift bag the next time you have a party to attend!