Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oliver's Labels Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine!

We have some very exciting news to share with you this week here at Oliver's Labels!

Entrepreneur Magazine has decided to feature us in their Top 100 Brilliant Companies List for 2010! This is quite an honour and we would like to extend a huge thank you from the Oliver's Labels family for this feature!

To view Entrepreneur Magazines website click here!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Product Review by My Wee View!

My Wee View is a wonderful website created by a lovely woman named Lynette who is both a wife and a mother. A while back Lynette was kind enough to write this amazing review about Oliver's Labels! Click Here to see our review live (and to check out the rest of Lynette's website!) or simply scroll down to read the full review.

From all of us here at Oliver's, thank you Lynette!

Like most companies, they start when Moms notice there is a need for something new. Oliver’s Labels is no exception. Well, there is a bit of an exception – Debbie, the owner of Oliver’s Labels started this business because her nephew was always loosing his stuff. So although Debbie is not Oliver’s Mom, she is one heck of an Auntie to start a business for her nephew.

Oliver was always losing things, since Debbie had years experience in the printing industry, she decided to make some labels for her nephew. But it didn’t end there. The labels actually have a tracking device. On each label there is a unique number and instructions to visit if the item is found. The finder can then type in the unique code and include their name, email address, and a description of the item they found. Then Oliver’s Labels will send you an email with the finders info. Your email address will never be sent to the finder, unless you contact them to retrieve the lost item. It’s quite a unique and neat system. Great for things for younger kids like jackets, but also good for the older kids who will lose cell phones and ipods!

I tested the system, and 48 hours later, I received an email from Oliver’s Labels letting me know that my lost item had been found!

I dealt with Helen at Oliver’s Labels, the process was very easy to get the labels. I simply had to tell Helen the name on the labels I would like and then pick a design. Oliver’s Labels has many different designs, for boys and girls, or just plain colours if your little one doesn’t want a picture on the label. When you visit the site make sure to check out all the labels, I thought there was only 1 page of designs, but there are 4. I received the fantasy labels with my daughters name on them just a few weeks later – complete with instructions.

Oliver’s Labels sent me their new line of labels, Stick-eez™- so instructions weren’t even really necessary because they are SO easy to use. Just peel and stick! I was sent a few different sizes of labels. I used the mini labels on my daughters sippy cup, it was very easy to peel off the sheet and put on the cup. The cup has been washed, used and well loved and the label remains! I was also sent the clothes Stick-eez™ labels. Once again, I just peel and stick. I put this on the clothing tag as the instructions suggested to make sure I would get the maximum bond. This label can go into the washer and dryer and it still remains on the shirt tag. No ironing, no sewing, just peel and stick. This is great becuasewe all know if somethings means putting extra work, we just wont do it! No extra work here, it’s easy as pie (easier). The hardest part is not sticking your fingers to the sticky part. I was also sent some shoe labels, however since my daughter is yet to be walking, I did not have the opportunity to test out how well these would work with a walking toddler.

I love the idea behind Oliver’s Labels, I could have used these when I was young (and maybe I should put something like this one some of my stuff now – like my purse – I seem to forget it everywhere). I will definitely be using these for my daughter, children’s items are so expensive. It’s great to have names on things, but what if someone finds your items and doesn’t know you? Then what, I guess it means you are out of luck!

Oliver’s Labels also has some great informative stickers for their labels as well, one of my favourites is the No Nuts. I have a co-worker whose son is severely allergic to peanuts. She has to make sure that everywhere shes goes she tells them about his nut allergy. This was especially important when he was too young to talk. How easy would it have been if all his clothing, shoe and backpacks has a label on it with his name and a picture with No Nuts? I think this is a great idea!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer is Almost Here!

June is fast approaching, and for most of us, this means our little ones will be done school for the year!

Naturally, we may feel a little anxious when we picture ourselves scheduling a plethora of activities to keep our kids busy. The trick here is to coordinate activities that will fill the gaps in time between your schedule and theirs (or lack thereof). And of course, make sure they enjoy the activities you have planned for them or else you may hear the ever familiar “But mom, I don’t wanna go!”

Here are our Top Three hints to help you coordinate the best summer your little one has ever had!

For Boys & Girls

Planning group activities that will get them to spend more time outdoors is very important and will also make for healthy peer relationship building. Try signing your little one up for a sport they are interested in, and ideally with schoolmates they are familiar with (but if not, forming new relationships can be just as rewarding for them).

Many of us experience anxiety during the summer months out of sheer paranoia that our wee ones are no longer learning on a daily basis, so how do we combat this? Lessons! Surely your little one has expressed interest in perhaps a musical instrument, an art medium, or even something as simple as crafts! Facilitating the ability for your child to be creative is beneficial and rewarding for both of you!

And finally, let's discuss family camping trips. How often is it that we can spend a few days with our family enjoying mother earth? There is something to be said for entertainment via conversation, and that something is: it doesn't happen often enough! So pack up your bags, prepare some healthy snacks, dig out those hiking boots and prepare for a rugged outdoor adventure!

We hope these friendly tips will help you brace yourself for summer!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog, and thanks for reading.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Custom Fonts Are Here!

This week at Oliver’s Labels we have some very exciting news…

You asked; we answered! Custom Fonts are now available for use on our labels!

After receiving requests from our loyal customers, we have implemented new and exciting fonts for you to use. With two dozen unique designs and five different fonts to choose from, now you can personalize your little one’s labels even more!

When placing your order, simply click on the ‘change font’ link (located to the immediate right of “Design Theme”) and experiment with fonts including “Script” for a more elegant look, “Fun” to keep your labels looking youthful, “Plain” to keep it simple,“Comic” the original Oliver’s Labels font, and “Type” for a cleaner look.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, we will have even more news to share with you!

Thanks for reading.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day dates as far back as the Greek age, when once per year they would celebrate and honour ‘Rhea’ – mother of the gods. As most holidays and celebratory times do, Mother’s Day morphed into many different religions and cultures and modernized itself into present day with gift giving, breakfasts in bed, and beautiful homemade cards.

On a day to day basis, modern mom masters the art of juggling her family, her career, her household and her social life, all at the same time. She packs lunches, walks the dog, drives her cubs to soccer practice and somehow manages to look fabulous at the same time. One might say that Mother’s are the glue that hold the pieces together.

Most would agree that mom deserves more than one day per year to celebrate motherhood. However, because she excels at making do with what she’s got, mom is always content with her special day – so long as the people she cares for are with her. It takes a special woman to be a mom; a woman who understands the importance of motivation, acceptance, and most importantly, love.

This Mother’s Day, whether you’re a mother, a daughter or a grandmother, take a moment to reflect upon how amazing you really are! You deserve it.

“Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”


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