Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer is Almost Here!

June is fast approaching, and for most of us, this means our little ones will be done school for the year!

Naturally, we may feel a little anxious when we picture ourselves scheduling a plethora of activities to keep our kids busy. The trick here is to coordinate activities that will fill the gaps in time between your schedule and theirs (or lack thereof). And of course, make sure they enjoy the activities you have planned for them or else you may hear the ever familiar “But mom, I don’t wanna go!”

Here are our Top Three hints to help you coordinate the best summer your little one has ever had!

For Boys & Girls

Planning group activities that will get them to spend more time outdoors is very important and will also make for healthy peer relationship building. Try signing your little one up for a sport they are interested in, and ideally with schoolmates they are familiar with (but if not, forming new relationships can be just as rewarding for them).

Many of us experience anxiety during the summer months out of sheer paranoia that our wee ones are no longer learning on a daily basis, so how do we combat this? Lessons! Surely your little one has expressed interest in perhaps a musical instrument, an art medium, or even something as simple as crafts! Facilitating the ability for your child to be creative is beneficial and rewarding for both of you!

And finally, let's discuss family camping trips. How often is it that we can spend a few days with our family enjoying mother earth? There is something to be said for entertainment via conversation, and that something is: it doesn't happen often enough! So pack up your bags, prepare some healthy snacks, dig out those hiking boots and prepare for a rugged outdoor adventure!

We hope these friendly tips will help you brace yourself for summer!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog, and thanks for reading.

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