Monday, September 29, 2008

We've moved!

Hello readers!
We have officially moved into a new location. We will keep our P.O. Box for a little while for customers who have our brochures and are mailing in their orders. We expect that the brochures currently available online for our Agents will be updated with our new address by the end of the week. So... here it is:

Oliver's Labels
1834 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 1H8

It's great news not to have to use a P.O. box anymore because it means that we will get your mail right away instead of having to travel to the P.O. box every few days. Also, by letting you know the physical address associated with our online store gives you confidence that we are a reputable and reliable company and we're not going anywhere!

Please let us know if you have any questions about and our recent move. We look forward to continuing to supply you with your back-to-school labels!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oliver, CEO of Oliver's Labels pays us a visit

Today we had the pleasure of having Oliver, our inspiration for visit our offices and "work" today. Little Oliver is only 5 and a half years old but he sure is a smart cookie. He sat at my desk and stuck sheets of labels inside of envelopes (don't worry, they were scrap labels) and then licked the envelopes closed. He spent most of his time coloring the outside of the envelopes with my highlighters (the closest things to markers I had) and being sure to put his name as the return address and his cousin's name, Emma, as the shipping address. He also drew lots of stamps all over the envelope so it would be sure to get to her. Then, we stuck "air mail" stickers on them for good measure. At one point we took a break for chips, soda and Fuzzy Peaches (a gummy candy that is apparently only available in Canada - yummy!) but just when I thought we were having a great time he asked, "can we please go back to work?"

Just like his Aunty Debbie, Oliver enjoyed listening to podcasts while he worked. But, instead of listening to the latest in tech news, Oliver downloaded the Super Why podcast and scoffed at me when I tried making him listen to Sesame Street. He informed me that if his younger brother Charlie was here (2yrs old), that would be acceptable. He is FAR too sophisticated for such childish entertainment. Here's the best part... in his tiny little voice he said, "Super Why is on PBS," and then he looked at my computer screen and said, "You know, PBS has a dot-com. It's" His other favorite shows are Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and good old Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Oliver is going back to Los Angeles next week so we hope he'll have another chance to visit his Toronto-based company again to make sure things are running smoothly.

Below is a photo of Oliver taken on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kids Label Reviews

Oliver's Labels had a couple reviews we want to tell you about because reviews are a great way to learn about products. I know that whenever we buy anything here we research it thoroughly using online reviews and forums... kids labels shouldn't be any different!

Heather at Swanky Moms has provided us with great reviews in the past and here is her latest to help you get back to school:

Back to School With Oliver's Labels

Well, we survived Kindergarten, and now it's on to the big league. First grade is just around the corner and this weekend we hit Target for all of the necessary school supplies from the coveted "first grade" list. With a new pencil box, colored pencils, 4 sharpened pencils, an eraser, white glue, glue sticks, scissors, crayons, and a new backpack in tow, we set of to make the new supplies officially his. How you ask did we do this? Well, with our favorite labels on the planet of course, Oliver's Labels! Oliver's Labels can withstand anything, they stick well, stay neat, don't fade, and more importantly, they come in all the right sizes & adorable designs! We put the "original" labels on the bigger stuff, "mini labels" on EACH pencil, glue stick and scissors, & a "mini bag tag" on the zipper of his backpack.

As a former teacher, I truly appreciate Oliver's Labels. In my classroom, I used to find "unmarked" supplies all over the place and it drove me crazy. Who's missing glue? Are these your scissors? Where is your pencil? If everyone used Oliver's Labels, it would save parents money and teachers sanity.

Visit the Oliver's Labels site today and start marking your little scholar's precious property! Check out the "packages" for a great variety of labels.

Posted by swankymomheather
direct link:

Here's another review done by Hip Hooligans, a wonderful blog that reviews the coolest products for moms. Be careful - once you start reading this blog, it's impossible to stop!

Lost and Found

While looking for iron-on name labels for school clothes, I came across a web site called Oliver's Labels ( where they have labels for shoes, mini labels, iron-on labels and bag tags. The coolest feature is that each label contains a special tracking code system in case your item is ever lost. The labels contain a web site that the person who found the item can log onto and it connects to you via your email account. Brilliant and private all at once! Imagine having a mechanism in place to reunite you with your childs lost shoe. I bought 60 labels for $23.00 including tax and shipping. Check it out.

Posted by AM/KT
direct link:

We hope you enjoyed the reviews and we'll keep telling you about more as they come in.
If you're convinced to try our labels out now, go to to start shopping!

P.S. We recently purchased shipping labels from because we use so many and they're prices are so much cheaper than buying them from Staples. The reason I'm writing about this is because by mentioning them, we will get a coupon for our next order. Sorry but we couldn't resist... we love saving money as much as you do!