Labels for adults

Oliver's Labels are the perfect way to identify everything that leaves your house so if you lose your phone on the train or your tool at the construction site, it'll get returned to you. You can edit your personalization and choose your preferred design theme for your labels. Our beautiful products are made from high-performance, waterproof and scuff-proof materials that have been tested to be durable in a huge range of environments.

Our labels can be used on items that go in the dishwasher, microwave, fridge, freezer and outdoors. Our clothing labels are easy to apply and can be thrown into the washer and dryer.

Original Labels

Personalize everything so when you buy a replacement item, it’s because your old one is worn out or obsolete and not because it’s lost.

40 labels per pack.  $19.99
Size: 50mm x 20mm or 2" x 3/4"

Mini Labels

Ideal for skinny items like eyeglasses, toothbrushes, and brushes of all kinds.

100 labels per pack.  $19.99
Size: 50mm x 7mm or 2” x 1/4”

Iron-on Clothing Labels

Adhere permanently to any fabric that can be ironed so they withstand the washing machine and dryer again and again.

60 labels per pack.  $19.99
Size: 50mm x 12mm or 2” x 1/2”

Stick-eez Clothing Labels

Requires no sewing or ironing... just peel and stick to the care-tags on clothing.

70 labels per pack.  $19.99
Size: 23mm x 12mm or 7/8” x 7/16”

Insole Labels

Just the right shape to fit perfectly on the heel of your insole.

24 labels per pack.  $19.99
Size: 42mm x 34mm or 1-3/5” x 1-3/10“

Large Bag Tags

The size of a credit card, use these on duffel bags and luggage to proudly announcing to the world that “this belongs to me!”

1 tag per pack.  $4.99
Size: 85mm x 54mm or 3-3/8” x 2-1/8”

Mini Bag Tags

1/3 the size of the Large Tag and perfect on keychains and zippers.

3 tags per pack.  $7.99
Size: 54mm x 28.5mm or 2-1/8" x 1-1/8"

Date Labels

Peace of mind when storing your favorite leftovers.

18 labels per pack.  $19.99
Size: 67mm x 34mm or 2-6/8" x 1-3/8"

Includes write-on/wipe-off pencil.

Photo Labels

Upload your own image to have printed in stunning high-quality colour.

8 labels per pack.  $9.99
Size: 50mm x 50mm or 2" x 2"

Round Labels

Label effortlessly water bottles, food containers, electronics, travel toiletry bottles and anything else that’s yours... so it stays yours.

30 labels per pack.  $19.99
Size: 38mm x 38mm or 1.5" x 1.5"

Stick-eez™ Clothing Dots

The perfect size and shape for any clothing tag. You just peel and stick – no sewing or ironing necessary.

60 labels per pack.  $19.99
Size: 19mm x 19mm or 3/4" x 3/4"

Curbside Bin Labels

Making your trash look good. Curbside Labels come in a package of two practical sizes that will spruce up any bin. Your whole street will be asking where you got them!

Package of 6.  $17.99
Size: 19mm x 19mm or 3/4" x 3/4"


A set of labels and tags for every need

Pro Package

50 x Mini Labels
3 x Mini Bag Tags
30 x Stick-eez™ Clothing Dots

83 labels and tags.  $26.99

Traveller Package

20 x Original Labels
2 x Large Bag Tags
3 x Mini Bag Tags
35 x Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels

60 labels and tags.  $36.99

Workshop Package

40 x Original Labels
50 x Mini Labels
3 x Mini Bag Tags
15 x Round Labels

108 labels and tags.  $46.99

Seniors Package

20 x Original Labels
12 x Insole Labels
60 x Iron-on Clothing Labels
3 x Mini Bag Tags
35 x Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels

130 labels and tags.  $56.99

Custom Package

Mix and match individual products to make your very own package.

13 labels and tags. Starting at  $21.99 and up

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