Tuesday, April 3, 2007

New Package for Camp! - great combo of labels and tags

We've added an exciting new package to our website called the Camp Pack.

A lot of time was spent putting this package together so that it has just the right balance of products for a child going away to sleep-over or day camp. We didn't want to have too many or too few of the different labels.

One thing was for sure... there had to be 2 Large Bag Tags and a full order of Iron-on Clothing Labels (56 labels). The other products that we included to round out this combination is a ½ pack of Original Labels (21 labels) and ½ pack of Shoe Labels (12 labels - enough for 6 pairs of shoes). The Camp Package sells for only $47.99.

We think it's a great package and hope it saves our customers time when shopping for their kids' personalized labels and tags. We know, however, that every customer is different so if the Camp Pack is not your cup of tea, it's easy to make your own package by combining our label packs and getting our amazing Combo Discount!

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