Thursday, May 1, 2008

Camp Labels are here!

Hello readers!
It's official... camp season is upon us! Today we replaced our School Package with a new Camp Package that's even better than last year.

If you're sending your child to camp, you need Oliver's Labels Camp Package. Put away the black permanent marker! These labels go neatly on clothes and all the things your child brings to camp. You'll be amazed when you see everything come back home again!

Here is what we put together in this must-have package:
½ pack of Original Labels (20 labels)
½ pack of Mini Labels (50 labels)
½ pack of Shoe Labels (14 labels)
1 full pack of Iron-on Clothing Labels (60 labels)
and 2 Large Bag Tags (2 tags)

Get EVERYTHING you need in our Camp package from for $58.99.

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