Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Minute Camp Tips!

Chances are by now your kid is almost packed up and ready to go to camp! Here are some last minute camp tips courtesy of Oliver's Labels!

- Make sure every item they are taking has been labeled!

- Always double check every item has been packed, and cross reference with your packing list! Please feel free to consult with Oliver's Labels Packing Guide for tips on what to pack for them!

- A little pep talk never hurt anyone, make sure your kid is comfortable, aware that although they're going away, you are still there for them and most importantly, get them excited!

- Make sure to brief your kid on safety precautions. This is a pretty standard and basic procedure, even simply telling them to always abide by camp rules is a great idea.

- If your kid is going to camp for the first time, and is nervous about not knowing any other kids, make sure they know how wonderful it is to make new friends!

Check out Oliver's Labels Summer Guide for inspirations, tips and ideas to make your kiddies summer the best one yet!

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