Monday, September 13, 2010

Oliver's Labels is our name, Customer Service is our game!

Hello from everyone here at Oliver's Labels!

Here are some delightful feedback quotes that we received recently from our lovely customers! Feel free to share your own feedback and experiences or comment on these! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

"You have wonderful customer service, your representatives are so nice and do everything they can to help if there is an issue with something. THANKS!"

- Morgan, New Jersey

"Thanks for your prompt and excellent customer service!"

- Beth, Texas

"Your website is extremely user-friendly! I love the simplicity of the font and page design. The checkout process was smooth and friendly for a first time customer. Thanks, I will definitely be coming back!"
- April, New York

"Great website and easy to shop. Easy to find answers to my questions. Always enjoy shopping with you. A great service for parents and their kids! Thank you!"

- Candace, Oregon

Stay tuned for next weeks blog!
Customer Support Manager

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