Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Tips & Tricks

Halloween is still a month away and my 4-year-old is already asking to make decorations to scare the neighbours! ("But not really scary ghosties, mama... friendly-looking ones!") Other than Christmas, Halloween has got to be her favourite holiday. I mean, the opportunity for decorating is immense (she decorates everything), so this is just another chance to dive in and have fun!

To put it mildly, decorations and other Halloween-related items (costume, candy to hand out, giveaways for classmates at school, etc) can really add up. And, in this economic climate, who has money to burn? So, I thought I'd share with you some great tips (courtesy of our amazing Facebook and Twitter fans) for having a blow-out Halloween without blowing your budget.

  • Do a costume exchange
  • Get a costume that your child(ren) can spend the next year playing dress up in; the cost won't seem so bad then.
  • Never buy a NEW costume; source them at thrift sales, consignment stores, etc.
  • Find a theme the whole family can do! The kids love when you get dressed up with them!
  • We always make a trip to the farm in late September for hay and corn stalks to decorate the front of our house. It gets the kids in the fall mood and they start looking forward to Halloween.
  • For classmates, make gift bags without candy for once - foam stickers and craft halloween paper from the dollar store did the trick! Parents and kids alike loved the idea.
  • With leftover pumpkins, my toddler loves hammering golf tees into them - a great way to practice his fine and gross motor skills.
  • Buy your costume at Old Navy the day before Halloween - all costumes are $2!

And, on that note... happy money-saving to you all! :)

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