Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snowy Fun

Let me start off by saying winter isn't my favorite season. Dressing in scarves, hats, parkas, mittens, boots, double socks, and ear muffs tires me out! Add to that the prospect of bundling up the little ones...well, let's just say I could use a nap.

That being said, there are so many amazing opportunities for family fun that I've decided to make a list to get myself into a winter frame of mind. If you're also in need of a little snowy inspiration, read on!

Reasons to love winter...

 1. Snow painting - fill squirt bottles with colored water and let the kids "paint" in the snow. They'll have a blast bringing out their inner VanGogh and you won't have to worry about any messy clean-up!

2.  Making homemade snow cones - before an expected snowfall, place a clean bucket on your back porch to collect snow. Then, scoop snow into individual cups and add your favourite flavoured syrup(s). Yum!  (And, if you want to put a wintry twist on a traditional summer activity, kids could set up a snow cone stand - they'll be mini business moguls in no time! ;)

3. Wintry treasure hunt - set up a map with some clues in advance, then place a few well-hidden objects around your yard (or local park). Depending on your kids' ages, give them some guidance to start the treasure hunt, then let them hunt for the hidden items. You could even entice them with a treat at the end, if they recover all the lost "loot"!

4. Snowshoeing, skiing, skating and tobogganing - what kid doesn't love to do at least one of these activities? They're great exercise and fun to boot!

5. Making snow angels, snowmen and snow forts - traditional winter fun that will keep them busy for hours (with hot chocolate breaks in between, of course!)

Hopefully this list offers a few reasons to get outside and have fun. Remember to always bundle up... and, to ensure your kids come home with their hats, mitts and scarves, remember to label them! :)

Here's to many wonderful winter adventures!

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