Friday, July 13, 2012

Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

We've had a hot spell here the past few weeks and, now that school's out, the days can be tough to fill with activities. Who wants to get active outside when it's so hot?

There are lots of fun ways to keep cool in the summer, so why not turn them into special events for the kids to look forward to on the hottest of days?

Simply grab a mason jar and write down your family's favorite fun summer activities onto strips of paper. You can make it as budget-friendly as you wish, determining in advance how many days each week you'll do a special activity, and what those activities will be. They can range from simple, stay-at-home activities, to more extravagant adventures. 

Then check your local weather listings to find out which days are slated to be the hottest each week, and let your kid(s) choose an activity from the jar on each of those days.

Some ideas to get you started:
Get your kids involved and let them have a say in what goes in the jar - you'll be assured of having active, involved participants in any activity that's chosen.  Make it a special treat, allowing each of your children to take turns picking from it.

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Here's to a fun-filled summer!

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