Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Adventuring - Tips for a Safe Ride

Summer is a time for adventure - visiting museums, attending fairs and festivals, camping and more.

Many of these involve travelling by car, which can be challenging when you've got a few kids in the back seat. In the midst of making preparations to keep the kids entertained (movie player installed - check!; snacks packed - check!), a very important element can be accidentally overlooked - car seat safety.

Did you know that seventy-three percent of car seats are not used or installed correctly? That's a staggering number! There's nothing more important to us than our kids, so I've listed a few handy resources help you determine if your child's seat is installed correctly before heading out on your next trip!

Here are some websites that I've found extremely helpful...

One of my favorite blogs featuring car seat safety information is Funny Things Are Everywhere. Wendy is an Ontario blogger and Certified Car Seat Technician who writes about her passion for keeping kids safe in their seats. Despite the many laws and guidelines set by governments, minimum guidelines are just that - minimums. And, to illustrate this point, Wendy has a great post you should read. You can also follow her on Twitter (@mapsgirl) and Facebook.

In addition to web resources, many local police stations and fire halls offer car seat clinics to check your installation and fix it, if need be.

Be safe this summer and, when making your travel checklist, be sure to add a car seat check to the list!

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