Monday, August 19, 2013

It's That Time of the Year Again...

It's back-to-school season! Who would have thought the summer would fly by so quickly? I say that each year, but this year it's especially true, maybe in part because of the crazy weather we've experienced. It's really been more like spring (or fall) than summer!

With the new school year comes new opportunities to label, label, label (my favorite thing to do)!

If you've ever wondered what really needs to be labelled for school, here's a run-down...

  • School supplies; I don't go so far as to label every single pencil in a jumbo pack of 64, but I do think it's important to label the more expensive items like washable markers and specialty writing tools that tend to 'disappear' quickly (sparkly pens, pencils with fun erasers, etc.). And, of course, labelling your child's pencil case is a must. :)
  • Clothing - especially shoes, jackets & hats (also mittens in winter). You really don't want high-ticket items like jackets and shoes to end up in the lost-and-found pile, and smaller items - although not as pricey - are at greater risk of being lost more often. Save your sanity and label it all! TIP: If you are out of Shoe Labels, try Original Labels or Stick-eez Labels. I've used both of them in a pinch and they've worked great!
  • Backpacks and lunch items (those Thermos containers are NOT cheap - enough said!)
  • Extra set of clothing to leave at school - little kids especially need to have extra clothes in case of an accident. I like to recycle a zippable bag, like the ones that Robeez shoes come in, and fill it with the extra change of clothes. I use an Original Label on the bag to help quickly identify who it belongs to, then also label the items inside with Stick-eez clothing labels.


If you're feeling lucky, there are lots of back-to-school giveaways going on over at some of our favorite blogs! Here's a round-up of our current giveaways in case you want to throw your name in the ring to win some...

The Mama Maven - ends tonight
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Multi-testing Mommy - ends Aug. 25 @ midnight
Feisty, Frugal & Fabulous - Aug. 31 @ midnight
Ahh~mazing Reviews - Aug. 31 @ 11:59pm
The Taylor House - Aug. 31 @ 11:59pm

Wishing you a fun, stress-free back-to-school season!!

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Multi-Testing Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing my giveaway :) I'll be labelling everything VERY soon!