Thursday, March 6, 2014

March {Break} Madness

Have you heard of March Madness? It’s a huge college basketball event that takes place every March, and often causes eyeballs to be glued to the television (and butts to the sofa) for extended periods of time. However, for many Moms that phrase takes on a completely different meaning…

The school break is almost here, and the kids will need to be occupied for an entire week. (Eek!!) If you’re in part of the country that’s still covered in snow and experiencing extremely frigid temps, this is even more daunting because you can’t just send the kids outside for the day!

We know you'll be looking for fun activities to keep the kids busy, so we’ve come up with a few cool ideas…

Image: Natalia Heilke / Tally's Treasury

Other fun things to do during the school break include:
  • Participating in library programs and events 
  • Visiting museums (check your local public library to see if they have free passes for local attractions, such as museums and galleries)
  • Set up playdates with four of your child’s friends and coordinate with the parents so that each family hosts on a different day. (Sure, you’ll be tired after you host, but you’ll have the other four days off!)

We hope these ideas will help you plan a fun week for your kids… enjoy!

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fredamans said...

Giving you a visit back. :-)

Happy Monday!!

Lisa, Oliver's Labels said...

Thanks for stopping by Freda - we appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

What a fun bookmark for kids!!