Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Mementos

I love Mother's Day.

Not only because it's a day when my family makes me feel like a queen, but because it's an opportunity to celebrate the people in my life who made me a Mom - my kids!

I often look at pictures from previous years (my, how the children have grown!), and pull out old Mother's Day crafts, remembering the looks of pride on their faces when they gave them to me. All of these hand-made treasures are priceless… precious reminders of the special place I occupy in my kids' hearts.

This year my daughter is old enough to print sentences, so I'm going to start a new tradition - All About Mom questionnaires. What a cute idea - and the perfect mementos to look back on each year. One day, I'll have a scrapbook full of my children's thoughts and feelings about me. I couldn't ask for a better gift.

You could make your own, but why would you when there are some fabulous ones on the internet? Check out these wonderful templates you can download for free…

Image: eighteen25

Mom Fill-in-the-Blanks from DLTK (perfect for little ones)

Image: DLTK

One day, I'll have a scrapbook full of my children's thoughts and musings about me… and that's the greatest gift I could ever ask for.

For more great ideas, visit our Mother's Day Pinterest board.

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