Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Decorating with Room-eez™

I'm a bit of a decorating nut... I love changing my color schemes from time-to-time, adding new accent pillows and throws, swapping out the art on my walls - you name it.

The only part I dislike? Putting holes in my walls!

So when Oliver's Labels first came out with Room-eez™ - our line of beautiful, easy-on / easy-off wall art - I was giddy to try it.

From the start, I knew I'd love Room-eez for many reasons:

  • its lovely texture - it's matte, not shiny and slippery like vinyl
  • durability - we tested our Room-eez material and it stood up to us removing and repositioning it many times before it was adversely affected
  • lots of beautiful designs to choose from

My kids have had personalized Room-eez name decals in their rooms for awhile now, but recently I had a fantastic idea for using the initial wall decals in a fun way.

So here's some inspiration for an easy, inexpensive and impactful way to decorate with Room-eez!

Giving Our Lockers Some Love

We recently added a mudroom to the back of our home, complete with individual lockers/cubbies for each family member. This is what they look like...

I decided I wanted to customize them somehow but didn't want to mar the beautiful new cabinetry with screw or nail holes. Then the perfect solution came to me... Room-eez!

I ordered Room-eez letter decals online, choosing from 20 designs, over 20 fonts and infinite colors. Since my son is obsessed with camo, I knew which letter decal he would love!

They arrived a few days later and I set about putting them up. I started by reading over the instructions (just a little refresher!), then taking off the backing paper and positioning each letter where I wanted it to go.

Always read the instructions :)

This is how the package arrives,
showing me on the front what my initial will look like

STOP! A little reminder to read the application instructions :)

Gently peel away the backing paper

Position the initial wherever you'd like it.
The sticky paper on the front helps a lot!

Next, I made sure it was positioned exactly where I wanted it; had to move it a bit so it was entered, then peeled off the front and... voila!

My son's camo print initial in "Plain" font
(Tip: install USB charger outlets in cubbies to
keep smartphones & iPods from cluttering your counters!)

I repeated these steps for all four of our initials and this is how it turned out...

Using different fonts & colours/patterns lends an air of whimsy to the room

Our cubbies - personalized and ready to hold all of our stuff!

Personalized cubbies in less than 15 minutes! Room-eez truly are a breeze to put up and, hey, if you make a mistake, they are easy to reposition until you get it right.

We'd love to see how you decorate with Room-eez! Share your pictures on our social media pages
(using hashtag #Roomeez) and you may just get a surprise. ;)

Happy decorating!

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Anonymous said...

how can i store them off the wall to use another way later on?

OliversLabels.com said...

Thanks for your comment. :) To store the wall decals, you can either put them on the backing paper or store them on the back of a closet door. (I've done both and they are just fine. :)