Monday, February 23, 2015

We've Got Winners! {#SpongeBobLabels Giveaway}

Thank you for participating in our SpongeBob giveaway during the last two weeks!

We loved reading your blog comments and think it's awesome how many people love SpongeBob! And not just kids - adults love him too. ;)

Check out some of our favorite entries...

Thanks for the shout-out, wordmama! We're glad our labels stand up to everything that's thrown at 'em. :) 

Awesome - Grandmas love SpongeBob!

Grown men love SpongeBob, too. ;)

Love it!

We're not too sure about those either, but SpongeBob sure is fun!

Thanks for the shout-out, Kim... we appreciate it! :)

We love hearing that Moms love SpongeBob!!

We are thrilled to announce the lucky winners... (drum roll, please!)
  • Mia
  • Sarah Jane
  • Flora
Each winner receives a SpongeBob-themed School Package, containing 95 labels and tags!!

Stay tuned this week for another fabulous giveaway going on right here! It'll be a loot - I mean, a LOT - of fun! ;)

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