Friday, March 27, 2015

NEW Nickelodeon Growth Charts Now Available! {+ 20% off!}

Kids grow up so quickly; before you know it, they're taller than you! 

A sweet way to capture their milestones is with our Room-eez™ Growth Charts, now available in Nickelodeon Designs! Each one comes complete with your choice of text, growth chart and small decals to mark your child's height at every stage. 

The wall decals, available in 13 fun designs, are easily applied and can be removed when you wish, without harming walls. Many parents have told us they love the fact that they're reusable... if you move, they can go with you! (Just remember to save the backing paper they came on.)

If you've ever wanted to try our Room-eez™ Wall Decals, now is the time to do it! We're offering 20% off all growth charts until April 7th with promo code "GROW20". Enjoy!

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