Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Perfect Travel Partner

When you're venturing abroad, dependability and stamina are great traits in a travel companion.

That's why our adult labels and tags are must-haves when you're on the road, in the sky or at sea.

Their durability really shines through when put to the test... and they are definitely put through the ringer everyday!  From conveyor belts and baggage compartments, to check-in desks and everywhere in between, our new Traveller Package has got you covered.

Eliminate confusion at security checkpoints, hotels and more when you label your items with our beautiful, full-color, scuff-proof labels and tags. You'll never wonder which suitcase is yours or walk away with someone else's laptop.

Our Traveller Package is perfect for any adventurer on-the-go. Here's what you get:

20 x Original Labels
2 x Large Bag Tag
3 x Mini Bag Tags
35 x Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels
= 60 labels and tags

Order the Traveller Package for only $36.99 here.

Create your labels with a Found-it code for extra peace of mind. Then, if something does get lost (as often happens when travelling), your unique code makes it easy for an airline or concierge desk to get it back to you safe and sound.

As with all of our packages, if you think this one isn't quite right, you can customize it to suit your needs! We've got lots of other adult packages; view them all by clicking here.

We think you'll love our beautiful selection of adult designs. Which one is your favorite?

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