Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gear up with our Early Bird BACK-TO-SCHOOL #SALE!

Although it may feel like summer has only just begun, believe it or not school is just around the corner! 

As a first time mom of an almost 22 month old, I know first-hand what it's like to send your kids off for the first time.  I've prepared a list below with a couple of essential tips on how to prepare for the new school year! First off- it's normal to feel excited and apprehensive even if it's not your child's first school experience.  I remember the anxiety that I had getting my son ready for his first day of daycare (although it could have also been the jitters of going back to work!)

1. Take an inventory of their wardrobe.  Take some time to go through your kids' closets. Have them try on any clothes that you aren't quite sure about (this includes shoes, socks and underwear!).

2. Set your children's sleep schedule at least two weeks before the first day.  For the older kids this one may be a bit tougher as they are completely aware of when school starts. 

3. Encourage them to read at least one book before the school year begins.  With all the extra time on their hands, you may notice your kids glued to the TV/Video Games so getting their mind working again will help with the transition.

4. Refresh your "screen time" rules for the school year.  Yes, technology and gadgets are essential for your child's development, but a lot of children are occupied with their iPads instead of time spent playing outdoors.

5. Visit the (new) school with your kids to familiarize them with their new environment.  This will help get them more comfortable with the change.

6. Label EVERYTHING! Anything you can put a value on, should also have a label. This includes clothing, shoes, school supplies and jackets! 

7. Don't overbuy supplies.  Make sure to contact the school to find out what their teachers require for the school year.  Still not sure? Check out our School Guide Packing lists! We've created an easy to use, printable checklists for each grade from JK - 6. 

My list can go on and on! As you can see getting prepared for back to school isn't only about buying brand new notebooks, pencils and clothes, it's also about preparing mentally, physically and gearing up with Labels and Tags for all that new stuff you buy! 

Avoid the last minute scramble and get organized for Back-To-School NOW!  Our Early Bird sale is now on!  Shop now and Save 20% on Packages*. (excluding Party Packages.) 

To take advantage, please use promo code EBTS2016 at checkout.  Since all good things come to an end, this deal is no exception.  Offer ends August 3, 2016 @ 11:59pm EST.

When ordering, don't forget about our exclusive, optional (and FREE!) Found-it™ system - a must-have to help your kids' lost items get returned. When you choose to add Found-it™ to your labels, we print them with your very own unique I.D. If your item is reported found, we send you a notification email right away!

I hope this has been helpful and as always, I'd love to hear from you! Comment below about how you get your family ready for back to school! 

Carrie Joëlle Melamed - Marketing Coordinator
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