Thursday, June 14, 2007

Canadian customers paying with American Express

We recently got a call from a Canadian customer asking why the charge on her American Express statement was slightly different from her purchase amount (within a dollar). After confirming that the problem was not on our website, we quickly contacted Paypal, the company we use to facilitate all of our online financial transactions. To our surprise, Paypal told us that this issue is unique to using American Express. When someone uses their American Express card, Paypal automatically charges it in US dollars no matter what currency you’re shopping in. In other words, Paypal converts the total Canadian dollars of your Oliver's Labels purchase to American dollars, charges your American Express card and then American Express converts it back to Canadian dollars! With all that converting back and forth, the resulting total is bound to be slightly different. We at Oliver's Labels disagree with this procedure but unfortunately we are powerless to change it. Most of all, we are disappointed that Paypal does not inform you that they are doing it when you’re checking out.

We do not feel that this Paypal procedure fits with Oliver's Labels high standards for customer service for our Canadian customers so we will be researching reputable alternative companies to use for your secure online payments. Our priority is to provide all of our customers with top-quality service, and that includes the companies that we associate with!

If you're a Canadian customer and would like to avoid this problem, just use your Visa or another payment method available to you when checking out. If you decide to use your American Express, now you know what to expect to see on your statement. We have also added a note on our Checkout Details page for those customers who do not read our blog.
I know, I also can't believe there are people who don't read our blog! :)

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