Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its Back-to-School time at Oliver’s Labels!

Hello from everyone here at Oliver’s Labels!

Well, its officially that magical time of year, when the air gets cooler, the days get shorter and your little ones realize that summer doesn’t last forever…

Back-to-School time!

Whether they’re preparing for Daycare, or bracing themselves for High School, the fact remains the same – they need to stay organized! We keep it simple, just label everything! From pens to binders, shoes to sippy cups, labeling everything is your one way ticket to avoiding the lost-and-never-found pile! Order your labels as soon as possible to avoid not labeling their items on time! We recommend ordering at least 3 weeks before their schools start date.

Check out our Back-to-School Guide available now on our website for useful tips on how to keep them organized and prepare for the best school year yet!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog,

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