Friday, May 13, 2011

Ahhhh… The Great Outdoors!

Spring is in high gear! For those who live in seasonal climates, this time of year brings a welcome change to our ‘play’ schedules. We are more than happy to get our kids outside for much needed fresh air and exercise, but like any transition, there are challenges as we move our kids from the playroom to the playground.

In addition to taking proper care to limit sun exposure, many of us Mom’s and Dad’s are on high alert for all sorts of potential hazards that the playground holds. What is the condition of the equipment? Is it age appropriate? Are all the adults being responsible for their own children or is there an unsupervised ‘big’ kid running around terrorizing the little ones? Socially, are my kids finding it easy to play with others? Are dog-owners following the park leash rules? Why is my child so comfortable running so far away from me? How do I keep my sanity and enjoy these outings when all I can think about is my child’s safety? We’ve all been there – the endless sea of parental concern.

Though there’s not much we can do to alleviate all worry, many of our products can serve as a ‘second line of defence’ especially for those with very young or non-verbal children. Our Safety Wristbands are a great tool for outings to parks, attractions or other crowded venues where every parent’s greatest fear is losing sight of their child. Outdoor play and excursions are also conducive to less structured meal or snack times, and an increased incidence of ‘shared snacks’ – something which can be problematic for children with serious food allergies. For these kids, vigilant use of Allergy Labels and Tags on all their possessions and clothing gives parents extra assurance that their child won’t accidentally be placed at risk.

Do you have some good suggestions for keeping your child safe outdoors? We’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, get your picnics packed and your water bottles filled (and labelled!). We’ll see you at the park!

Livie– new to the Oliver’s Labels team.

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