Friday, May 27, 2011

Planning for Summer Fun!

Before we know it, school is out and summer kicks into high gear. With so many demands on families these days, summer is the perfect time to de-stress with family activities that are all about FUN! Get out those family calendars and book some weekends or days off with an eye to ensuring that your family participates in as many fun summer activities as possible.

- A casual backyard BBQ no matter how simple is a fabulous way for adults to get some much needed social time together while the children play and enjoy unscheduled fun!

- Day trips to Theme Parks – These are always memorable and very popular with little kids, bigger kids and Adult kids! To make the most of your day (and it will be a full day!) requires good planning and smart packing so that you don’t waste valuable time buying things like sunscreen, water etc. Consider stocking up on our Safety Wristbands -an excellent tool for theme parks or water parks.

- Camping – ambitious but SO worth the effort. Quality time in a natural environment without the interruptions of electronics. Campfires, hiking, swimming... a wonderfully simple but memorable experience your kids will love!

- Poolside – perfect for keeping cool on extra hot days. Some days it’s just too hot to move! Make sure to have well fitting life jackets if necessary and don’t forget those fun ‘squirty’ toys too!

- Picnic in the park! On a quiet day, pack a picnic and walk or ride to a local park for an outdoor lunch. Enjoy looking at clouds – what animals can you find?

Check out our Outdoor Activities Guide for more detailed tips and some great links. Have some tips of your own? Leave a comment below or leave your suggestions here! Summer can be fleeting, so get planning and have fun!

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