Friday, December 2, 2011

Giving Back: SickKids Hospital

It's amazing that, no matter how harried our lives become, when we take time out to help others, it changes our perspective and lifts our spirits. At some point, we all think about how we can give back in some small way, and with so many deserving charities and causes out there, it often takes a personal experience to help us focus on one.

Here at Oliver's Labels, that epiphany happened to our founder, Debbie, after a close relative ended up at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto. She saw young patients going through a wide range of treatments, while the wonderful staff worked hard to keep up their spirits. This was an experience that made a real impact on her. And, as her company grew out of its infancy, so did her need to give back to SickKids.

Susie from the Child Life Dept. at SickKids (at right) with
Lisa from Oliver's Labels
Last week, that dream of giving back was realized. We now provide fun, custom labels to the Child Life Department and to some patients at the hospital.

Being in a hospital is no fun, but we hope that, in some small way, our labels will brighten someone's day. We're honoured to be able to contribute to such a wonderful organization that is not only a world leader in pediatric healthcare, but whose staff is known for their immense caring & compassion... making a real difference in the lives of kids.

If you volunteer, donate or give back in some way, we'd love to hear about it. :) We'll post stories of how our fans are making a difference in their communities on our Facebook page and here, on our blog, so that everyone can be encouraged and inspired to make their mark as well!

SickKids is always appreciative of donations, whether big or small. If you are able to give back in some small way, here’s how you can do it:

 Here is a list of some much-needed items:
·      Matchbox cars
·      Jewelry
·      Travel games
·      Dolls
·      Figurines
·      Decks of cards
·      Activity books
·      Decorative pens/pencils
·      Small craft activities


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