Monday, January 21, 2013

Party Planning Made Easy

Because my children have birthdays in the first half of the year, I find that I need to get organized right out of the gate, so that I don’t go crazy planning last minute parties for them.

I usually start by asking them about their preferences. We make a wish list, then whittle down what their “must-haves” really are. My kids know that they don’t get everything they ask for, and this is just another way they learn moderation.

Once we have a theme established, I go online and search Pinterest for great party ideas. Pinterest has, increasingly, become one of my go-to sites, as it seems to distill all of the wonderful ideas out there into one easy search. Then, once I have an idea of what I need to purchase, make, and do, I continue with a Google keyword search to find out where I can get all of the items on my list.

Here are a few of my favorite party ideas right now:

I love this party theme because not only is it cool, it works for either gender. Boys and girls, alike, love to pretend they’re superheroes, dressed up in capes and masks. And, note the number of awesome DIY projects for this theme… you can really cut down on costs by making many of the accessories yourself. Depending on the ages of the children attending the party, you could even incorporate some items, like
felt masks and cool wristbands, into the party as fun activities. 

This website offers lots of great ideas for using your child’s toys as part of the décor, and the DIY construction sign cookies and marshmallow pops are fun and easy.

This farm-themed party is super-easy and offers lots of opportunities to showcase veggies as part of the décor and on the menu, as well. We love the mini chicken fingers and fries in pint containers and the creative use of tiny clay pots.

This is a great theme that allows you lots of freedom to think outside the box. From lollipop swirl-frosted cookies on sticks, to take-out boxes decorated with multicolored dot stickers and filled with sweet treats, any little girl would swoon over this party!

5. Girly-Girl Party – Inspired by this treat:

If you’ve got an older girl who loves makeup and anything girly, get creative and throw her the party of her dreams! Make spa masks, have manicure stations where her guests can do their nails (or each others’), and offer cute treats to eat, like nail polish marshmallows! Make it a sleepover, with popcorn and the movie Legally Blonde, and you’ve got a winner!

There are so many amazing party ideas on the web… if you want more, take a look at these for Girls and Boys. And, be sure to check out our Kids’ Party Ideas board on Pinterest, where we are always pinning new ideas!

One last suggestion…

Instead of loot bags filled with toys that will eventually end up in the landfill, try our new Loot Bag Packages – they come in 7 designs, including Superheroes, Cupcakes and more – and they’re only $4.99 each! They’re inexpensive, fun and practical too - each child gets their own customized labels and one tag to identify their favorite water bottle or backpack.

Happy party planning!


Ashley P. said...

My oldest had a super-hero party last summer, and all the kids came in super hero costumes...they had a blast!

Gingermommy said...

My youngest would love the girly girl party for sure

Monica said...

Great suggestions, really like the "farm" theme and when my daughter was younger she would have been all about the Girly Girl party!

Elizabeth L said...

I just did an Owl themed party for my daughter and pretty much everything was from Pinterest!