Monday, February 6, 2012

Beating the February Blahs

It’s officially February, and although the weather is getting a bit nicer here, I’ve officially got a case of the February 'Blahs'. You know, the time of year when you just want to banish the cold weather and usher in spring; when you’re eager to shed the winter coat, boots, hat, scarf and mittens in favor of a t-shirt and shorts. And, most of all, when you don’t have to worry about bringing every possible cold-weather item with you when going out with your kids. I mean, really, the amount of stuff that you need in the winter is atrocious!!

So, what’s a mom (or dad / grandparent / caregiver) to do? Well, you can either stay inside and get really creative with fun kids’ activities, or you can bite the bullet and brave the great outdoors. If you choose the latter, you need a plan!

Here are some helpful tips to help get you out of the house in the winter…
  1. Create a “travel bag” and leave it by the door
  2. Have your bag ready with all of the items you normally take with you, such as sippy cups/water bottles for the kids, snacks, diaper bag/change of clothes & travel activities (colouring books & crayons, games, etc.). Ensure this bag is always ready to go, so that you’re not scrambling around at last minute.
  3. Assign each child his/her own cubby or box 
  4. Mittens, scarves and hats are a lot easier to find when they have their own “home”. Teaching children to put these items back in the same spot each time they enter the house helps ensure they’re easy to find each time you want to leave. In my house, we have the “mat” rule… boots stay on the mat, not only to keep the house clean, but so that we know where to find them when we’re ready to leave again.
  5. Keep extra wipes and a few snacks (like granola bars) in the car
  6. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve looked in my diaper bag and found an empty container of wipes, I’d be rich. That’s why I always have a small emergency stash in the car; same goes for snacks. Nobody wants a whiny child because Mama forgot to bring the goldfish crackers! ☺
I hope these tips help you get out of the house a bit more this winter - even if it is just to visit your local rec centre! Staying in the house can be fun, but we all need a change of scenery and it feels good to get out and have an adventure now and then.  Stay well!

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