Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Indulgences... and a few for Passover, too!

One of my favorite traditions at holiday time (any holiday!) is baking together. My five-year-old is already a pro at cracking eggs, measuring out ingredients, and mixing everything up. We started baking together from a pretty young age…it’s one of our special things we do together. Our signature dessert is a batch of chocolate chip cookies, but we’re branching out more as time goes on.

As Easter approaches, I’ve already begun thinking of new recipes we can make together. Anything with apples is always a big hit in our house – why, I’m not sure, as my kids won’t eat an actual apple. Yes, you heard it right. My kids will eat applesauce, apple pie - pretty much anything with apple in it - and, of course, drink apple juice, but will not eat an apple. (I’m assuming it’s just one of those childish quirks that will pass with time…. here’s hoping!) So, I’ve included a link to our favorite apple cake, chocolate cake and cheesecake, as well as a few new recipes that I’ve read rave reviews about but have yet to try. Easter is the perfect time to break out the measuring cups, mixer and wooden spoon and try what could be our new favorites! If you celebrate Passover, I’ve made sure to include a few recipes that are suitable for your holiday meals as well (*denotes desserts appropriate for Passover).

Have a wonderful Easter and Passover, everyone! And, enjoy dessert… J

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