Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to camp we go!

Is your child going to camp this year? Mine are still too young for "away" camp, but I've always thought that summer camp is an amazing experience that I want them to enjoy someday.

I remember going to camp - the freedom and independence, the sheer joy of making my own decisions. It was like heaven on earth for me. While I definitely missed my family, the experience was life-changing. For me, it was the first stepping stone to achieving self-confidence at such a young age.

While the thought of our kids being away from home is scary for parents, the benefits of summer camp are many. Friendships are forged that last a lifetime; self-esteem and confidence flourish. In today's "helicopter parenting" environment, camp can be the defining time when children spread their wings to venture beyond their comfort zones... and sometimes we, as parents, need to venture beyond ours.

Happy trails!

Don't forget to label!

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