Thursday, April 12, 2012

Right Where I'm Meant To Be

My kids are forever amazing me. From their ability to make me laugh one minute, yet cry and throw up my hands in defeat the next, to the ways in which they are seemingly independent yet, in the same breath, want me - and only me - on a daily basis. There's surely never a dull moment in my house!

Some days it's like an emotional roller-coaster. One morning there's cooperation, hugs and high-fives, then the afternoon rolls around and it's like World War III has started - all because we ran out of chicken noodle soup for lunch! Yes, the toddler and preschool years can be trying, but also so precious.

Yesterday, my toddler grabbed my face and, for a second, I thought he was going to bestow upon me his newest trick - the head butt. (Lovely, isn't it?) Instead, he almost brought me to tears when he gave me the sweetest nose kisses ever... followed by a heartbreaker smile, dimples and all. What a nice surprise!

It's in these unexpected moments that I find the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment as a Mom. I can plan fun activities and outings, but the most meaningful moments happen spontaneously, usually when I'm least expecting them.  And, while I may sometimes doubt my decision to work from home so I can be with my children every day (late nights = tired Mama), these moments are like bright stars in a dark night sky.

They make me look up in wonder and realize that I'm right where I'm meant to be.

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